Friday, April 25, 2008

Mmmmhmmm! Last Sketchy's was saucy & lip-smacking good.

Model Moxie Rhodes knocked our socks off at Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School in March. And she even managed to look glamorous after being attacked killer tomatoes. Oh, that foxy Moxie!
For the Dr. Sketchy's blog - pretty saucy
Moxie impressed the crowd by fighting off a very obnoxious, three-boobed alien invader. The artists loved her cinematic poses and dramatic facial expressions. Alright, Dr. Sketchy, she's ready for her close-up...
For the Dr. Sketchy's blog - die alien scum!
Lots of great gifts from our local sponsors - Artist & Craftsman Supply, Mallatt Pharmacy & Costume, Lisa at Hair Forum, A Woman's Touch - were handed out. And our newest sponsor, Jim of Anxiety Gallery, took the stage and led a fun 'Planet of the Apes' contest with gobs of prizes for all.

Fun was had by all. Glenn, especially intrigued by the extra boob, managed to make friends with the alien simply by buying her a Guinness.
For the Dr. Sketchy's blog - cheers
Things get knotty at Dr. Sketchy's in April! We celebrate a full year of drinking, drawing, and debauchery by welcoming as models the beautiful Bellydancer PHAEDRA with Rope Artist & Kink Educator GRAYDANCER for a special Shibari Sketchy's! Surrender now and mark your calendar for Sunday, April 27th from 2-5pm at the High Noon.
For the Dr. Sketchy's blog - 1st annniversary


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Emily said...

Hi! I'd love to buy my Madison pal some Dr. Sketchy's passes--a gift-certificate sort of thing, if you can do that. I couldn't find your email address, so I'm posting here. If you could email me back and we can figure out how to do it, I'd be very grateful! Thanks a lot!