Friday, October 5, 2007

School Daze at Sketchy’s

September we went “back-to-school” with burlesquers Betty Wantsme and Kitty LaRue of Foxy Veronica’s Peach Pies modeling all of their kinkiest classroom behaviors.

Photo by phantom kitty

Things got so out of control we had to call in Principal Dickums to give the girls a talking to. Was Betty even listening?!

Photo by guest photographer Mick McKiernan

Next it was off to the lunchroom…

wisconsin skool lunch program Photo by phantom kitty

…where the inevitable catfight ensued!

looks like detention!
Photo by phantom kitty

Later, Kitty and Betty served up the BEST brown bag lunch EVER: themselves! A Sketchy’s regular, Sarah, won herself a wash, cut, and style from Lisa at Hair Forum with her supercute rendering of K and B in their lunch sack outfits. Other cool prizes were provided by Artist & Craftsman Supply and A Woman’s Touch.

lunch ladies
Sketch by Sarah Ninneman

Cherie D’Amour of Cherry Pop Burlesque stopped by to serve overdue book notices to our September birthday celebrants. When she surprised the crowd by performing her naughty librarian striptease, she sent us into a fit of longing for card catalogs and a few sweet hours in the stacks.

We learned all sorts of swell lessons from Betty and Kitty. Competitors in the dirty word spelling bee were impressive but no one was able to make it all the way through "gynotikoglobomassophile." And illustrator Glenn Watson was voted “Most Likely to Use a Trapper Keeper to Obscure a Trouser Bulge” by his Sketchy classmates. It was a pretty damn good day at Anti-Art School.

Curious to learn more? Kitty LaRue filed before and after reports of her wild ride as a Dr. S model on

NEXT UP: Celebrate Halloween, Dr. Sketchy’s-style, on Sunday, October 21st, 2007 from 2-5 PM at the High Noon Saloon, 701 E. Washington Ave., Madison, WI. ($10/ 21 and UP)

Spend an afternoon drawing ghastly zombies, blood-sucking vampires, and one hauntingly gorgeous hunk! OUR OCTOBER MODEL IS: beefcake extraordinaire BOY of Cherry Pop Burlesque! Come help event emcee Olive Talique scare the pants off of him...

Trick or TREAT?!

We’re planning plenty of artful tricks and treats for the event. In addition to all of the usual crazy drawing challenges and prize giveaways, there will be a contest for best Halloween costume this month, too.

Join us for 3 hours of DRINKING, DRAWING, & DEBAUCHERY