Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crackerjack vs. Dr. Sketchy

Well, take a wild guess who won this bout!?! Yep, our May model, Crackerjack, local roller derby diva & smokin' hot red-headed devil, left us bruised and completely smitten after a raucous, sketchy session at the High Noon Saloon, May 20th, 2007.

We didn't even have time to lace up our skates before things got pleasantly outta control with this Mad Rollin' Doll...


Photos by phantom kitty

Somebody named "Anita Johnson" - supposedly from the Dr. Sketchy's Head Office - showed up and threatened to revoke our charter if we didn't meet "proper regulations." Not sure exactly how it happened but by the end of the afternoon this clipboard-wielding know-it-all was waltzing around in her underwear.
ms. anita johnson

Photo by phantom kitty

One of our contests involved having audience volunteers draw copies of Crackerjack's gun tattoos on live models. "BANG BANG!"
guns, part 2

Photo by phantom kitty

Other contests included most interesting "wrong-handed" drawing, best cartoon-style, best incorporation of a bird, and coolest continuous line sketch, among many others. There were lotsa swell prizes again this month! MANY THANKS to our MAY SPONSORS - Artist & Craftsman Supply, Lisa at Hair Forum, A Woman's Touch, Amsterdam, and Caculo Productions.

Artists are posting their fabulous sketches on our Dr. Sketchy's-Madison flickr group and there are more event photos there as well. Go ahead and take a peek! Come on...I dare ya!!

naturally glows red

Photo by phantom kitty

Prepare to walk the plank next month, mateys! June's live model is Cherry Pop Burlesque star & naughty pirate of the high seas, Chastity Dickums. Sunday, June 17th, 2007 from 2-5PM PIRATES! MERMAIDS! EYEPATCHES! PARROTS! (Bring your dad to the High Noon for some sketchy Father's Day fun!!!)