Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dr. Sketchy's went off with a bang

Girls with guns. Who can resist? We sure couldn't! Cosplay model Fawn began her session posing as Lara Croft from the videogame Tomb Raider. START GAME.

to die for
Photo by phantomkitty

The geeks at Sketchy's were in heaven on this one... or Angel Sanctuary, to be more accurate. For the second series of poses Fawn was dressed as Alexiel from the manga and anime series created by Kaori Yuki.

The costuming details were astounding! There was even dirt on her wings. Sigh. To see more evidence of this delightful sight and the resulting sketches, check out our flickr pool.

staged heaven
Photo by phantomkitty

final pose of the day

busy crowd

head shot
Photos by phantomkitty

Amid the flurry of costume changes and the onslaught of crazy contests, artists still found time to actually DRAW. (Wowie, good stuff, too!) Phew, all that PLUS an abundant flow of cocktails, as well as the usual requisite misbehavior and oddball shenanigans.

Amazing prizes (and LOTS of 'em) were provided this month by Artist & Craftsman Supply, Lisa at Hair Forum, A Woman's Touch, Mallatt Pharmacy & Costume, and Westfield Comics. Many thanks to all of our great local sponsors!

When Fawn arrived on stage as Rikku from Final Fantasy X our pencils were poised and READY.

Our Official Mistress of Photography, the mysterious phantomkitty was ready, too. Her keen eye captured every detail of the event. And this time, she got HER photo taken also. (The guy kissing her is her hubby, illustrious illustrator and Dr. Sketchy's-Madison co-founder, G.P. Watson.)

A Sketchy scene at High Noon Saloon

phantomkitty shoots

Glenn smooches Kandy

IN DECEMBER: It's a jolly holiday when Emcee Olive switches roles and becomes our model for the day. Oooooh, Santa baby!! Time to get your "holiday glow" going! Ho-ho-ho and hee-hee-hee! Come get red-nosed at Dr. Sketchy's. Spend an afternoon drawing Miss Olive Talique of Cherry Pop Burlesque as she unwraps her gifts and spreads her holiday cheer.

Meet her under the mistletoe on Sunday, December 16th from 2-5PM at the High Noon Saloon, 701 East Washington Ave, Madison, WI. ($10/ 21 and UP) Curious elves, reindeer, and snowmen also welcome.

DEC2007 Dr. Sketchy's poster