Sunday, January 6, 2008

Givin' 2007 the boot!

Got a special holiday wish?
Well, Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School delivers, by golly.

making his move
Photo by Kandy Watson (aka phantomkitty)

Illustrator and freshly-outed foot fiend, G.P. Watson grabbed the mic this month at Sketchy's while regular emcee Olive Talique played artists' muse.


Naughty Miss Olive unwrapped her "gifts" for the audience. Holiday cheer and a whole lotta confetti filled the air. Many charming sketches resulted.


Chastity Dickums and Howlin' Hulla Baloo of Cherry Pop Burlesque stopped by to sing a few dirty XXXmas carols and strike a coupla poses.



Contest winners received gifts galore from our band of very Sketchy santas: Artist & Craftsman Supply, Mallatt Pharmacy & Costumes, Lisa at Hair Forum, Josh at Westfield Comics, and A Woman's Touch.

Olive was heard to exclaim, as she downed her last drink of the sesh, "Happy Anti-Art School to all, *hic* and to all a good Sketch!"


Is it getting HOT in here?! Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School is a havin' heat wave!

Spend an afternoon sipping pina coladas under the hot sun at High Noon Saloon and sketching our comely castaways Miss Lychee and India Oleander. Shipwrecked on a remote, equatorial isle in the Sketchy Sea, island life is starting to get pretty sweaty for these beauties.

Sunday, January 20th from 2-5PM. $10 cover / 21 and UP
Emcee Olive Talique and a school of dolphins host.
Curious bikini babes, starfish, and snorkellers also welcome.

Dr. Sketchy's is havin' a heat wave!
Illustration by Lynn Lau