Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dr. Sketchy's gets in a bind!

This month, Madison's own Shibari aficionado, Graydancer, put local bellydancer, Pheadra, through the ropes! Attendees got their kink on drawing all kinds of knotty poses! There were a few non-drawers in the crowd too who found this theme just too enticing to stay away! What can I say? Eventually, we'll cover anything thrown our way! Other than too much skin, that is. ;o)

Pheadra is the ultimate damsel in distress. And undress! Our ever talented artists "capture" the moments perfectly!

Graydancer seems pleased with such an elaborate tie, meanwhile Olive entertains us with stories of taudriness!

You're welcome to come and hang out with us too!

See you in May when delicate MICH takes us back to an era of flappers and feathers! Join us on Sunday, May 25th from 2-5PM at the High Noon Saloon, 701 East Washington Ave. (608-268-1122) $10 cover / 21 and UP. Olive Talique will add to the surrealness of it all, with her own flare for dadaism!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Mmmmhmmm! Last Sketchy's was saucy & lip-smacking good.

Model Moxie Rhodes knocked our socks off at Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School in March. And she even managed to look glamorous after being attacked killer tomatoes. Oh, that foxy Moxie!
For the Dr. Sketchy's blog - pretty saucy
Moxie impressed the crowd by fighting off a very obnoxious, three-boobed alien invader. The artists loved her cinematic poses and dramatic facial expressions. Alright, Dr. Sketchy, she's ready for her close-up...
For the Dr. Sketchy's blog - die alien scum!
Lots of great gifts from our local sponsors - Artist & Craftsman Supply, Mallatt Pharmacy & Costume, Lisa at Hair Forum, A Woman's Touch - were handed out. And our newest sponsor, Jim of Anxiety Gallery, took the stage and led a fun 'Planet of the Apes' contest with gobs of prizes for all.

Fun was had by all. Glenn, especially intrigued by the extra boob, managed to make friends with the alien simply by buying her a Guinness.
For the Dr. Sketchy's blog - cheers
Things get knotty at Dr. Sketchy's in April! We celebrate a full year of drinking, drawing, and debauchery by welcoming as models the beautiful Bellydancer PHAEDRA with Rope Artist & Kink Educator GRAYDANCER for a special Shibari Sketchy's! Surrender now and mark your calendar for Sunday, April 27th from 2-5pm at the High Noon.
For the Dr. Sketchy's blog - 1st annniversary

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A hum-dinger of slumber party!

The Feb '08 edition of Dr. Sketchy's was just dreamy! Superpunk and uberhunk Shane O'Neil of Screamin' Cyn Cyn and The Pons modelled. Guest emcees Kitty LaRue (of Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies) and Betty Wantsme (freelance tramp) served as hostesses with the mostest.

It's a slumber party!

Shoot your poison arrow through my heart, Shane! Ever seen a cuter cupid? Of course not. Happy Valentine's, Sketchy-style.

Shane O'Neil as Cupid

After a raucous round of Twister and many, many debaucherous drawing contests, Shane took the stage as Venus to strike his final set of fabulous poses. A cascade of cotton-wad hair and fake foam boobs?! Oh yeah, darlin', THIS IS ART.

Shane O'Neil as Venus

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Dr. Sketchy's goes to the movies in March! B-movies, that is. Shine the spotlight on Wisconsin, baby! Johnny Depp’s shooting a Hollywood movie here and the 10th Annual Wisconsin Film Festival is just weeks away. Did you think Dr. Sketchy’s wouldn’t want in on all the cinematic action?!

Grab your popcorn, your art supplies, and get ready for some B-movie thrills. Join us at High Noon Saloon on SUNDAY March 30th from 2-5PM as sassy burlesquer MOXIE RHODES of Foxy Veronica’s Peach Pies stars in our latest production of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School. WATCH AS GIANT WOMEN SMASH CITIES! Scream as hot babes battle zombies! GUFFAW AS SKETCH ARTISTS LOSE THEIR MINDS!!!$10 cover / 21 and UP.

Winner of 69 Academy Awards, Olive Talique emcees. Curious cinephiles, drama queens, and extras are also encouraged to attend. Fun contests and cool prizes from local sponsors. Rolling! And…ACTION! See you there.

Moxie models on March 30th!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feelin' hot, hot, HOT.

Miss Lychee and India Oleander swept us away to the tropics for an afternoon. Dr. Sketchy's inaugural '08 session at the High Noon in Madison, Wisconsin was HOT and sweaty.

Something fishy's going on here. One of many drawing contests, this one incorporating fish.

best incorporation of a fish
Photo by Kandy Watson (aka phantomkitty)

It was Shirts vs. Skirts for the dance contest. Holy hula! These ladies sure know how to shake it.

shirts vs. skirts
Photo by Kandy Watson (aka phantomkitty)

A tsunami of skillful sketches was produced by the January crowd. We welcomed lots of newbies for the start of the 2008. Even the fez-wearing attendee from Kenosha got sketched! And our squid friend simply took the opportuntity to get sh*tfaced.
It was a good time. Can you believe that those gorgeous models brought their own inflatable palm tree along to the gig?! Sweet.

some bird flew into this shot!
Photo by Kandy Watson (aka phantomkitty)

It’s a slumber party! And you're Dr. Sketchy's best friend.

Don’t bother getting dressed. Leave your PJs on, grab your art supplies and the ouija board, and join us at High Noon Saloon on February 24th. Come show some love for Madison’s own punk rock hunk, Shane O'Neil of Screamin' Cyn Cyn and The Pons.

Sunday, February 24th from 2-5PM. $10 cover / 21 and UP
Emcee Olive Talique will serve up plenty of valentine-y goodness.
Curious cupids, teddy bears, and sweethearts also welcome.

Wear your PJs and prepare to party.

Feb '08 Dr. Sketchy's poster
Illustration by Amethyst

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Givin' 2007 the boot!

Got a special holiday wish?
Well, Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School delivers, by golly.

making his move
Photo by Kandy Watson (aka phantomkitty)

Illustrator and freshly-outed foot fiend, G.P. Watson grabbed the mic this month at Sketchy's while regular emcee Olive Talique played artists' muse.


Naughty Miss Olive unwrapped her "gifts" for the audience. Holiday cheer and a whole lotta confetti filled the air. Many charming sketches resulted.


Chastity Dickums and Howlin' Hulla Baloo of Cherry Pop Burlesque stopped by to sing a few dirty XXXmas carols and strike a coupla poses.



Contest winners received gifts galore from our band of very Sketchy santas: Artist & Craftsman Supply, Mallatt Pharmacy & Costumes, Lisa at Hair Forum, Josh at Westfield Comics, and A Woman's Touch.

Olive was heard to exclaim, as she downed her last drink of the sesh, "Happy Anti-Art School to all, *hic* and to all a good Sketch!"


Is it getting HOT in here?! Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School is a havin' heat wave!

Spend an afternoon sipping pina coladas under the hot sun at High Noon Saloon and sketching our comely castaways Miss Lychee and India Oleander. Shipwrecked on a remote, equatorial isle in the Sketchy Sea, island life is starting to get pretty sweaty for these beauties.

Sunday, January 20th from 2-5PM. $10 cover / 21 and UP
Emcee Olive Talique and a school of dolphins host.
Curious bikini babes, starfish, and snorkellers also welcome.

Dr. Sketchy's is havin' a heat wave!
Illustration by Lynn Lau